Coke Can Make You Tan!

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Tricks from Barcelona part 1! How to build a better tan!

This year I celebrated my Bday in beautiful by day crazy by night, Barcelona! The night before the flight I had been up clubbing till 4am only to directly go to the airport meet up with my friend Yazz & fly to this fabulous City!

When we arrived at the 5 star hotel, we got on our swim wear & headed directly to the beach wear we sun tanned & Slept for a while. After a few hours  as I was tanning my pail ass at the beautiful beach of Plaja de la mar Bella, I started a very conversation with this beautiful tan girl next to me…

Tip of the week!

- You have a fantastic golden tan! Is it fake? How did you get it??

- Thank you so much!  Yes & No, I have been using coke for about 3 days now while tanning, It’s a spanish trick I learned she said & blinked. I was stunned & speechless, Coke? I said…

- Yes! You want some? she answered with a smile while reached over to take some from her bag. Original, Not diet or zero! She said. I think it’s all the coloring & slugger, it just makes the skin shine!

- Aaaaah… Coca Cola!! I exclaimed when she showed me the bottle. :p She offered me some, & I tried it on…

Great little trick I have to say! Because within hours my skin was golden brown! Love it!

So my tip of the week, from Barcelona to you all — For a great golden tan, Simply apply some Coca Cola on your skin before sun bathing! / Love

Ps: Never forget SS! (Sun-Screen that is)

Pps: Have Fun!


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4 Responses so far.

  1. Erica :) says:

    Thank you so much love!!! I’m so excited to try it!!! You’re the best, keep the tips coming!!!

  2. Snezana says:

    Very nice!! I did not know this! I usually get those tan in a can kind of things but they never turn out good….I have done a professional spraytan before but after my first shower it looked kind of funky…. What do u suggest one does if I want the spray tan to last longer??? xoxo

    • Hey Snezana! And thanks for your comment! Your question is great!! And something that I have learned the hard way. To keep a great spray-tan looking great, you should take a long shower before & really scrub of all the dead skin cells. You do this so the spray can penetrate the bottom layer of the skin where the tan will remain & last longer. I recommend to wait with a shower until the next day, & don’t use a strong shower gel or soap but rather something creamy and skin friendly, and when you come out of the shower, simply pat yourself with a towel,as appose to rubbing which will make the tan go streaky and won’t look nice at all. /love

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